Who am I?

Free yourself from your present or past pains, from your deepest fears or from childhood traumas … Then simply make the intimate choice to accept to open yourself fully to your true path, that of your Heart, of your Soul. And finally live your life in its perfect truth.

I chose to accept my soul mission in 2018, and my life completely turned upside down. Throughout my spiritual journey, I discovered my gift, to be a channel: by increasing my energetic vibration, I indeed have the ability to connect to the frequency of subtle dimensions which, through my voice, transmit their messages and their precious advice in unconditional Love.

I have the immense privilege of being guided by several Archangels who have chosen to be named “Fraternal Group”. Among them: Michael, Uriel, Nathanael, Ariel, Sandalphon and Metatron. The Beings of Light are here to work with us to create greatness on earth. To enjoy the greatness of embodiment and flourish with life and nature.

Today I accompany all those who wish to discover their own truth and meet their Higher Self within the benevolence of these wonderful Beings of light.

My journey

From my childhood I have been connected to the spiritual world through my intuition and connecting to deceased people. I was terrified to the point of ignoring these phenomena for several years, during which I worked as an economic journalist and then spokesperson for several government organizations.

In 2007, spirituality came back in my life. I chose to to reorient my career towards hypnosis and other therapeutic and energetic approaches.

Today I practice as a therapist in Verbier as well as in Geneva, and also teach meditation collectively or individually.




Anatomy – Physiology – Pathology

Médecine académique – Cycle 1 – ASCA

Medical and therapeutic hypnosis

Maître Praticienne en Hypnose Elmanienne, centre MHP
agréée par la Fondation des médecines complémentaires

National Guild of Hynotists (NGH) Certified Hypnotherapist / ISO 9001 certified hypnosis

International Board of Hypnosis Education & Certification

Loyal Member National Guild of Hypnotists

Certification Hypnose Sacrale


Base Facilitator

Advanced Facilitator

Master Facilitator


Saama Therapist 1.0, Veturian Arana Method

Libération des mémoires profondes, Francine Jeanmonod


Certification expert en Mindfulness


(Ecole de l’infini – Denise kikou Gilliand)
Contact médiumnique

Art Spirit

Transe parlée

“Faith is to believe what we do not see and the rewards of this faith is to see what we believe.”

Saint Augustine